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Upcoming Events

Come and Find Us!

2024 summer poster.jpg

Join us on the 16th June at Elmhurst Park, Woodbridge for an afternoon of music.

We'd love to see you!

More information below on where to see us next!


Where Next?

Summer is usually a busy time for us and 2024 is no different.  We've got a few fabulous jobs that we get repeat bookings for each year and we love to attend.

There's nothing the band like more than a good fete!!  And with 25+ bandies all spending their hard earned cash when they're not playing it doesn't take long for the booking to pay for itself!

Find us at the following events;


6th July, 12.30pm - Rendham Fete

13th July, 2pm - Bedfield Fete

14th July, 6pm - Waldringfield Yachtsman's Service

11th August, 2.30pm - Christchurch Park Ipswich 


HMS Trumpeter

It was with great honour that we were asked to play at Customs House in Ipswich at a Royal Navy event for HMS Trumpeter.

HMS Trumpeter is a Royal Navy training vessel and provides Naval experience to officer cadets.  It has been based at Ipswich Docks for some time and is moving on to Newcastle.

A wonderful event and luckily the rain held off (just!) to allow us to play outside.

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