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About Us


Woodbridge Excelsior Band is a community brass band based in the town of Woodbridge, Suffolk where the band has been in residence since 1846.


Available for hire all year round, we play at a wide variety of functions ranging from concerts, beer festivals, weddings, fetes and private parties. During the Christmas season we are often to be seen playing carols in Woodbridge and Ipswich area. During the summer months we can often be found performing in local parks, on seafronts and in bandstands.


We have a long tradition of providing free concerts and generally put on four such concerts a year at the Woodbridge Community Hall. These are non-ticket events and well attended by the local community.


We are a 4th Section contesting band that constantly strives to improve our performances and we are proud to represent Woodbridge when we go away to national competitions.


We rehearse every Tuesday and the 1st Friday of the month in Woodbridge, Suffolk.


About Us

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Our Training Section usually consists of around 25-30 students, welcoming people of all ages and aims to give trainees a sound knowledge of brass playing and music reading.


There are 3 groups, a beginners group, an intermediate group and the main training band. New students are taught the basics of how to play the instrument in the beginners’ group. Once a student can produce a few notes on their instrument they will join the intermediate group.


When judged ready, students will eventually move to the main Training Section band and where possible, improving trainees will get the chance to progress to the Senior Band to give them the experience of playing at a higher level.


We aim to reinforce and complement any music teaching that a child may be receiving at school, and if a child does not have music lessons at school, to enable them to reach the same standards.


The Training Band are not currently rehearsing as we are concentrating on rebuilding the Senior Band following lockdown. 


Woodbridge Excelsior Band takes its responsibilities as an organiser of children’s activities very seriously and operate according to the SAFEchild protection scheme. 


If you have any questions or you would like to join the Training Band, please get in contact us using the "Contact Us" form below.

Training Band

Contact Us

Interested in hiring us?

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Contact Woodbridge Excelsior Band's Secretary, Secretary

or our Musical Director, Chris Lewis-Garnham

Alternatively, send us a message via the below.

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Registered Charity:  CIO 1193770

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